• I have every intention to write about a bunch of random stuff. Hopefully it will evolve into something vaguely coherent. But maybe not. Why scones? Why not. I like scones.

Ooo, sparkly…

Don’t you just love Christmas lights

sleepy baby

So anyway…

So anyway… It’s a bit later now, and I am the mama of a 7 week old baby boy. He is all consuming, swallowing up pretty much every hour of the day and night with his requirements to be fed and cleaned and rocked and changed. He is also very cute with his little smiles … Continue reading


Small Pleasures

One of the nice and also strange things about waiting around on pre-maternity, maternity leave is that there is no schedule. No meetings. No anything really. So I do get to appreciate the very nice Autumn we seem to be having. OK, today is not so great, but yesterday was lovely. And I had nothing … Continue reading

A corner of the nursery... complete with monkeys

Hello from the 1950’s

This blog has been thoroughly ignored for some months now…. Life had somewhat conspired to get in the way. I have been busily finishing off some uni study (MBA) and also managing to get pregnant, and head off on an overseas jaunt and work and etc’s. So this was pretty far down the list. So … Continue reading

Green Growth not Grey Growth

Check it out – http://www.pureadvantage.org/ I am a total consumer at heart. But I am also a bit of a geek. And I think that green technologies are the geeky future. So, I am totally down with the premise behind this website – while there needs to be a bit of pragmatism about environmental matters, … Continue reading